Services and Prices

Services and Prices

Label Designing

We recommend ask for a quote since the price can vary base on the complexity, size and quantity of the label.

Shelf Life evaluation

$200 per product__________________________________________________

Thames Nutrition work with a food lab to complement our client needs. “Best before” or “Use by” can be determinate as well as shelf life. The cost of the product delivery to the lab run under the client. This procedure usually takes few weeks.


Nutrition Analysis and Panels

$90 per recipe____________________________________________________

• Recipe analysis
• Nutrition fact (PDF Formatted label) / Available Bilingual
• Service size
• Service per container
We recommend ask for a quote, the price may reduce base on recipes. (Examples; tomato sauce, tomato sauce with basil and tomato sauce with mushrooms, the price will be adjusted because only one ingredient is added to the same tomato sauce)
Thames Nutrition has been set a flat rate ($90), however extra charges can be applied depending of specialty ingredients, meaning we are not likely have information for, (Examples: Special sauces, exotic ingredients, homemade products)

$45 Minor Changes__________________________________________________

Minor changes on labels already made may applied If you decide change your recipe adding and taking out ingredients as well as change quantities

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